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If you are looking to date Nigerian pretty girls, you need to get confident because you are in for a competition, you can be the winner today and lose out to another guy tomorrow, all women are like that, you don't seem to get a firm grip at the beginning till they are pretty sure you are the right remember those days you really think you have gotten her, then you called a minute later and she refused to pick your call, either you have been toppled or she is just playing one of those Girl Games Are you in need of a Nigerian girlfriend or are you looking to find a pretty black girls to wed, are you stuck in Nigeria without a pretty girl by your side and you are hoping and yearning secretly to have some pretty face beside you?? Like I previously stated, Nigerian girls are looking for the best in the crowd so if you really want to look at her and get her then you need to get above the rest of the guys, how? or do you climb a taller builder and scream "hey y'all I am now above? simply by changing your game, by not whimpering when you are talking to girls and by not covering up your timidity by giving excessive compliments, guys do that a lot..pouring compliments on pretty girls and thinking it is working, while what works with girls is different.Women and Confident Guys Women are looking for confident guys, statistics show that confident guys are more likely to pick up pretty girls than the rest of the men and why is that?If a Nigerian girl is not properly brought up from a decent home, you would expect her to be wayward.

Average Nigerian girl will make for a good house wife because they are thought how to be submissive from childhood.Once a Nigerian woman is in a relationship, it becomes as if she is already married and is expected to be faithful to her man/boyfriend even if that one isn't faithful in return. 90% of Nigerian women are involved with one form of religion - Christianity or Muslim, and both religion preaches against immorality.Beyond that, their parental upbringing is one of the major factor.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Nigeria Girls How To Date Them (7414 Views) Disadvantages Of Ladies With Stretch Marks. / White Woman Exposes The Sickness Of Desperate Black Males That Date Them / Nigerian Women If U Love White Men Just Go Ahead And Date Them (1) (2) (3) (4) Nigerian Girls... Dating Nigerian girls and being able to handle them effectively is one of the few problems of a young Nigerian male, A Nigerian girl, like every other girl in the world is always out to get the best from the crowd, If I am a girl, I world also hope to get the best.Women generally wants to get the best of all that came knocking,you know pretty girls have lots of men knocking on their door and they are not definitely going to open to everyone that did knock,they are looking for the best, they are going to flung the door wide-open only for the best guy or should I say..toughest guy. here is the basic ingredient required for getting a Nigerian girl and every other pretty face out there in the world.

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But you need to be a Nigerian man to enjoy all these.

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